Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Barbeque or Grilling: What's the difference?

Summer is almost here and it's time to B-B-Q! Well, according to the experts, what most of us do in our backyards on our electric ignition gas  or charcoal grills, is grilling not barbeque.

Barbeque is the "low & slow" smoking & cooking of meat, fish & veggies by means of indirect heat.  Grilling is the quick cooking of  meats, fish & veggies by direct heat either through the use of gas flame or charcoal briquets. You know, giving those beautiful grill marks!

According to Mike from Beefy's Bar-B-Q in Bradenton, Florida: northern barbeque is usually cooked on an open pit whereas southerners use a closed pit. Since Mike hails from Maryland, his barbeque is open pit and very tasty. We met up with him at the Heatstroke Hot Rod Hoedown this past weekend.

The beef was fabulous and this vegetarian enjoyed half my husband's sandwich. Choosing the sauce was difficult since he had so many to pick from.

Mike can be reached at (941) 918-9670 for special event catering.

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