Thursday, December 13, 2012

Build a DIY Coldframe Out of an Old Window

You can grow a winter salad garden even in cold climes with the use of a coldframe.
A coldframe can easily be made with salvaged materials and provide you with an earlier harvest come the new season.

Cold Frame

Like a mini greenhouse, usually just a box with some sort of glass top to let the sun in.

Our project uses some lumber, a couple of hinges and an old window!

In northern climates, placed up against a southern house wall to give it more warmth in the winter.

In the south, too much warmth ends up being a problem, so placing somewhere cooler in the yard would be better, afternoon shade would be good.   Make sure you raise up the glass during the day so your seedlings don't cook.

Transplants for the spring garden are easily started in a coldframe well in advance and since it's outside, you can probably place it for more sun than starting indoors.

Get complete instructions for ours at coldframe.


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