Monday, January 21, 2013

Book Review: 'Culinary Herbs from Garden to Table' by Michele Pasch

Recently published, this HOW-TO guide is filled with base recipes for the creative cook to embellish on their own.  Instead of the usual specific recipes we see in cookbooks, Michele gives basic recipes for marinades, dressings, pastes, butters that you can doctor up with your own herbal additions.

Michele Pasch, a healthy food instructor and speaker, has spent a lifetime working in many fine hotels and restaurants.  A wife and mother of six (how did she find the time to write this book), she shares her wealth of knowledge creating herbal formulas in her kitchen.

Michele takes the reader from the basics of growing your herbs through to harvest, kitchen prep and ultimately into recipes.

This is a great guide for the beginner or well seasoned gardener-cook.  She breaks down the herbs into families and gives descriptions of the flavors to expect from each hern and the cuisine and dishes that they work well in. 

I have had many people say to me that they love herbs but just don't know how to use in recipes. This book gives info on how to experiment with the flavors of the individual herbs.

My favorite section includes recipes for dips, vinaigrettes, sauces, rubs, and salts to make to keep on hand or in the pantry, making use of your harvest till next season.

There are tips and creative ideas for gifts or entertaining.  An easy, concise read that gets to the point and gives the reader just what they need to be a successful herb grower and chef. There is life beyond basil!

You can purchase this book through Michele’s website:

I give this book 5 stars!! 

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