Thursday, April 4, 2013

To Kill a Rat, or Not

You've seen them, though you probably wouldn't admit it to anyone for fear of seeming dirty.  If you garden in Florida or elsewhere, and especially if you have fruit trees, the Fruit Rat or Roof Rat is part of the your eco-system.
Now, I usually enjoy most of the critters in the yard, but I like fussy tails and this guy gives me the creeps because he has a hairless tail.
Also, the worst part is that he has been eatng my seedlings, year after year in the greenhouse.

So, I constructed screened covers to keep him (more likely them) out but I never have enough and I forget to cover them in time.

Then, I placed the seedling trays hanging on barbed wire from the rafters, still they munched.

I dusted hot pepper all over, didn't stop them.

Set traps with peanut butter, worked the first time and I got one, yeah.

But then, the next guy figured how to lick the traps clean without triggering the trap. And we bought every brand available, same results.

During this process of trial and error, I noticed that when peanut butter was available, the seedlings were left untouched. Hmmm...

So now, I just leave the peanut butter jar open near the seedlings when they are in there to divert rather than assassinate the enemy.  Maybe we can have a peaceful coexistance.

yeah right, until next season when the little buggers will be selling tickets for free peanut butter.

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